Regardless of the reason, there may come a time that you find you need to sell your home . While it’s an everyday occurrence, maybe your situation is unique, or maybe you need to sell really quickly and can’t wait the amount of time the traditional methods take.

Whatever your reason for selling, we have a solution for you. We make it so simple, your jaw will simply drop when all’s said and done.

How Do I Sell My Home

There are a few different approaches that you can take, such as listing with a Realtor or selling directly to an interested buyer, but these can both take a little bit of time. If you’re in a rush, you don’t have the luxury of time .

If you’re asking yourself “what can I do to sell my house fast,” or even “how do I sell my house fast in San Diego,” then you’ll want to consider an investor such as The San Diego Home Buyer.

Here’s How We Can Help You Sell Your House in San Diego Fast

I’m sure by now you’re wondering HOW we can help you sell your house. We want to help you get the results you need in the timeframe you need it.

Our experts can take your home off your hands, no matter what condition it’s in. You call or email us and tell us “I need to sell my house fast in San Diego, CA” and we get to work.

Sounds good, right? Almost too good to be true?

Here’s the thing — it’s not!

We buy houses fast in San Diego, regardless of your situation. Whether you need to move out of town for a job transfer, you’re retiring and no longer need a big house, or you simply can’t afford the payments.

How Our Simple Process Works

Our process is so simple, you’ll be left in amazement at just how quickly we take care of you, from start to finish. When you contact The San Diego Home Buyer, we get right to work. Many of the requests we get are urgent, so don’t feel like there’s no way we can help and not take the chance — you’ll be glad you did!

Are you ready to get started? Here’s how it works:

1. You Reach Out to Us

You can do this either through our online form or via a phone call , the choice is yours. When you do, we’ll collect basic information such as your house size, where it’s located and whether there are any fundamental issues we need to address, to name a few.

Once we have this information, we then make a verbal offer. This offer typically comes within 24 hours, so you’re not left hanging. We hate waiting too!

2. We Do a Home Inspection

If you’re satisfied with our verbal offer — and we’re sure you will be — then we’ll come out to visit your home. We do this on your timeline . Do you need to sell within the week? We can usually schedule an inspection within 24 hours.

At the time of the inspection, we’ll walk through the house and around the property. This step is followed by a written offer that’s final and firm. You can choose to take or leave it, there’s no obligation.

3. We Close, You Get Cash

After you accept our final offer, the next step is to close. We do this, again, on your timeline . We can usually make any timeframe work. We’ve closed for some of our customers in as little as 3 days!

We Buy San Diego Houses in Any Situation

We are one of the bigger San Diego home buyers and are known for buying houses in any condition. No lies or gimmicks, because who has time for those?

Where many companies have hidden conditions, we have none. Nada, zero, zilch .

If you have a home that’s in need of repairs that you can’t afford, or if it needs a thorough cleaning, we’re here for you. You don’t even have to clean it before moving out — we take care of it all!

Some houses have foundation problems, or they’re located in bad areas — these are known as ugly houses. Don’t be fooled, though. We don’t mean it’s unattractive, simply that it’s harder to sell using traditional methods.

We’ve helped others who needed to move out of town because of military or job transfers, and even those who inherited a home but didn’t want to keep it.

Trust us, we review every situation as it’s presented to us and find a way to handle most of them, with ease. When time’s running against you, you need us on your side!

Simply hand us the keys and we’ll take the home off your hands. You can walk away scot-free!

Get a Fair Cash Offer for Your San Diego Property

What constitutes fair? For one, no lowball offers. They’re just an insult to you and an insult to you is an insult to us.

We will look at every aspect of your home, including the neighborhood around you and what the homes are selling for there to come up with an offer for you.

Our offers take into consideration multiple factors, so don’t be afraid to ask us how we came up with the figure. After all, it’s your right to know what your home is worth, and can you really put a price on being able to sell your home in under a week if you need to?

Yes, yes you can, and we can help.

At the end of the day, it’s your home and you have to be happy with the offer, so you can always choose to walk away, you have that right.

However, we’re confident that the offer we make will be fair enough that you’ll be hanging that “SOLD!” sign outside in no time at all!

Why Is a Cash Offer Better?

A cash buyer is better because it means fewer hassles on the road to selling your home. You don’t have to worry about someone qualifying for a mortgage when they pay cash for homes .

Let’s face it — mortgages fall through all the time. Banks tend to be finicky about the paperwork and who they lend to, and a simple bank account error can lead to a loan being denied.

Don’t put yourself through that — let us pay you cash so you can move and upward.

Who We Help and Work With

We work with investors of all kinds who want to do their part to improve the San Diego landscape and make a little money in return. We also work with various sellers with unique conditions or even those without a unique situation.

In short, we work with everyone who wants to work with us — simple, right?

If you’re stressing out thinking “I can’t sell my home,” you need to call us. At the end of the day, we’re working for you, so it benefits both of us to see what kind of cash offer we can come up with.

Selling your house quickly has never been so easy!

We Buy Houses in These San Diego Neighborhoods

Though we’re SoCal home buyers, we focus mostly in the San Diego area, but in multiple neighborhoods. Some of these areas include:

  • Mission Bay
  • Carlsbad
  • Poway
  • La Mesa
  • Escondido
  • Del Mar
  • San Diego
  • Chula Vista

If your area isn’t listed, don’t fret! We’re always looking for homes in other San Diego neighborhoods, too. The only way to find out if we’re serving your area is to call us now and that’s pretty simple, don’t you think?

Selling Your House to an Investor vs. Listing With a Real Estate Agent

Selling your house is selling your house, or so you’d think. The truth is there’s more than one method available to you.

With a real estate agent, your home goes into the multiple listing service (MLS) where it sits with thousands of other homes. The chances of selling it quickly are slim to none, especially if you’re in a buyer’s market where they hold all the negotiating power.

Don’t put yourself in that situation, you have better options. An investor, like The San Diego Home Buyer, can cut down the waiting time significantly. This means you can move on with your life in a matter of days.

That’s right. Days. Even the best, most aggressive real estate agent in the industry can’t pull that off.

The other benefit of selling to an investor is you get cash in your hand, right away. No qualifying for a mortgage, no worrying about escrow falling through, just cold, hard cash .

Why Sell Your Home to the San Diego Home Buyer

If you’re really asking why we’ll counter with why not? You have so much to gain — namely, cash — and nothing to lose.

Our reputation is stellar in the community, so many customers have had satisfying experiences selling their homes to us. In turn, we take these homes, fix them up and work to beautify the neighborhood , one residence at a time.

Our process is simple, our employees are super friendly and competent, and we’re reputable. What more could you ask for?

Save Money With a Cash Offer From Us Today

How can you save money? Let us count the ways!

When you to choose to sell your house to The San Diego Home Buyer, you eliminate a lot of steps.

First, your house doesn’t sit on the market for days, weeks, or months at a time. This alone can cost several thousands of dollars, especially if you’re forced to lower the price in a buyer’s market.

Second, you’re not paying a real estate agent to sell your home in the form of a commission. We don’t take a commission, what we offer is what we pay you — full stop.

Third, you don’t have to pay anyone to come in and clean your home, so you can breathe easy — no need to break out the toothbrush and scrub between those tiles for an extra $100 on the asking price.

When it comes to selling your home, you want someone reliable and trustworthy to count on. That’s where The San Diego Home Buyer comes in. With years of experience in the industry and investors ready to help you today — there’s no reason to delay!

Call us or fill out our online form and let’s get started!