We started THE San Diego Home Buyer to bring compassion and reliability to the world of off-market real estate here in San Diego.

We’ve been working in this niche since 2011 and over that time have purchased and sold over 450 homes.

The San Diego Home Buyer

Predatory property investors have given off-market buyers a bad name.

For 10 years we’ve watched the bad actors that dominate the space play shenanigans on sellers and real estate professionals alike, to the point where it’s become the accepted norm.

For too long, predatory investors have run rampant in this space, taking advantage of sellers in distress with aggressive tactics designed only to maximize their profits.

For too long, cunning cash buyers bait and switch sellers and real estate agents, running them through the ringer with contract changes, strong-arm price reductions, and closing delays.

For too long, money hungry property buyers have purposefully cut corners in construction just to add a few more dollars to their bottom line.

The San Diego Home Buyer

The San Diego Home Buyer provides a better way to sell off-market.

There’s a better way to do business. One that honors and takes care of the sellers and real estate professionals that make it possible for us to do what we love. We’re determined to be THE example of that.

That’s why we’re not just a San Diego Home Buyer. We are THE San Diego Home Buyer.

The San Diego Home Buyer

How are we different?

Firm offer guarantee – We don’t play games. We play it straight. When we make an offer on a property, we want that offer to stand for something. When we make you an offer, it’s our firm-and-final offer.

Close-on-time guarantee –  We understand that one of the main reasons sellers and real estate professionals work with an iBuyer like us is for the certainty we’re supposed to provide for the seller around the closing. Unfortunately, too many iBuyers out there don’t understand that, but we do, and we take it seriously. That’s why we back that guarantee up with our wallet. 

In-house construction – We take what we do seriously. Half the battle is being able to provide a firm, easy offer to the sellers we have the honor to work with. The other half is making sure we do an EXCELLENT job renovating the properties for the end buyers that eventually purchase the properties we renovate. We found this difficult when we didn’t control the construction process, so we took that process in house at great expense. 

The San Diego Home Buyer
The San Diego Home Buyer - CEO Brian Daly

Brian Daly

Founder & CEO

Brian started The San Diego Home Buyer to provide local homeowners a better experience when selling their house to an all-cash buyer while adding life and value back to the homes and communities across San Diego. 

Prior to starting The San Diego Home Buyer, Brian wore many hats in the real estate space. From a traditional real estate salesperson and mortgage loan originator to a real estate asset manager for one of the large four banks, Brian learned many facets of the real estate industry with first-hand experience.

Brian graduated from San Diego State Univeristy and continues to live in San Diego with his wife and three kids. 


JC Mejia - The San Diego Home Buyer

J.C. Mejia

Chief Operating Officer

JC has been in Real Estate and Operations Management for 15 years.

He has managed teams for Fortune 200 companies like Bank of America and Qualcomm and has co-founded and operated three different businesses.

During this time, JC managed an international real estate development portfolio worth $750 million in project costs and over $1 billion in luxury resort sales including over 100+ flips.

Prior to his professional career, JC was a member of the San Diego State University football team as a captain and starting place kicker in 2003. JC continues to live in San Diego with his wife and two kids.

Our mission is to bring LIFE and VALUE back to distressed homes & communities across San Diego County.

The San Diego Home Buyer

Did You Know

The San Diego Home Buyer adds over $30 million dollars in economic value annually in over 15 cities across San Diego County.

We are the recognized leader in our industry, dedicated to quality in every area of our business and respected for our outstanding business ethics.

Who Is The San Diego Home Buyer?

We’re a team of San Diego real estate professionals that provide more value, confidence and convenience to sellers, when they need it most.

Working at The San Diego Home Buyer means being part of the team that’s bringing compassion and transparency to the business of helping homeowners sell in their time of need.

If you’re driven by making a positive impact in people’s lives and want to support our mission, we’d love to hear from you.

The San Diego Home Buyer

Our Core Values

Lead With Your Heart. The San Diego Home Buyer team is committed to integrity and doing things the right way. There are many bad actors in this industry and we are out to change that. We lead with our heart in everything we do.

Be RELIABLE. The San Diego Home Buyer is known throughout the industry as a company that does what it says it’s going to do. If we say we are going to do something – whether it be an offer on a house or a closing timeline or anything else – you can bet your bottom dollar we are going to deliver. Guaranteed.

Strive For Excellence. Throughout the years, the drive for excellence has continued to define The San Diego Home Buyer at every level. From the management team to the in-house construction crews, everyone is united in a common goal to exceed your expectations. 

Want to join our Wolfpack?

Visit our careers page. We’re hiring!