We Buy Houses in San Diego in Any Condition

The No-Hassle, Easy Way to Sell Your House. No Repairs, No Showings. And You Pay $0 Fees

How We Serve YOU Differently

It’s not WHAT we do that seperates us from the competition; rather it’s HOW we do it. A lot of companies buy distressed properties like we do. But very few real estate investors serve you with the speed and reliability like we do. If you want a true no-hassle, all-cash offer on your home, give us a call at (619) 332-3309.

Fast & Easy

The traditional home selling process doesn’t work for everyone. In San Diego, a typical sale can take 104 days from listing to closing. Some homeowners can’t wait that long.

No Hassles

We buy homes “as-is” so you don’t have to spend time and money cleaning up and making repairs or upgrades to the property. 

You're In Control

Instead of going through the typical 30-45 day closing process, schedule your closing date in as few as 5 days and pick the closing date that works for you.

What Our Customers are Saying

Grace M.

Mira Mesa, CA

“You can't find a nicer more professional team of people to work with.”

“I was really impressed with Neva. She was the first person I spoke to and she was friendly and very professional. And she answered all my questions promptly, which I appreciated.”

Pete L.

El Cajon, CA

“They were quick, fair and reliable.”

“The process went extremely well! When I had questions Neva Ellis was very helpful. If you want to sell your house hassle free, I recommend you choose The San Diego Home Buyer. ”

Stacy H.

Spring Valley, CA

“I recommend them to anyone looking to sell their home fast.”

“We were looking to sell our house fast... we gave them a number we wanted, and they agreed to the price and we closed in less than 2 weeks."

Carl S.

La Mesa, CA

“I didn't want to sink money into repairs.”

“The San Diego Home Buyer was super helpful during my time of need, understanding all of my circumstances, and making me feel like family and not just another seller.”

How It Works

Our Customers Were Once Where You Are Now

Don’t Deal With Shady Characters

For too long predatory investors have run rampant in this space, taking advantage of sellers in distress with aggressive tactics. For too long, cunning cash buyers bait-and-switch sellers and real estate agents, running them through the ringer with changes, price reductions, and closing delays.

Trust Our Experience and Modern Approach

There’s a better way to do business. One that honors and takes care of the sellers and real estate professionals that make it possible for us to be able to add life and value to the homes and communities throughout San Diego. 

Adding LIFE & VALUE to Homes and Communities Across San Diego

Did You Know?

The San Diego Home Buyer adds over $30 million dollars in economic value annually in over 15 cities acrosss San Diego County

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