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Fred and Janet knew their strategy for retirement. Fred worked for a local tech company and Janet was a graphic designer. Early in their marriage and their careers they began investing some of their money in rental properties.

About 25 years ago, they bought a few houses and immediately began renting them out. They’ve always been rental properties and when tenants would move out, Fred and Janet would make the small repairs and rent the property out to the next family.

Over time, the couple grew older and the repairs became bigger and more expensive.

Fred and Janet were faced with a decision — were they going to keep renting out the properties and coordinate and pay for the major repairs that needed to be done? Or were they better off selling the homes?

After talking to real estate agents, Fred was interested in hearing from an all-cash buyer because he knew he could potentially net as much or more from an all-cash buyer than he could selling it on the open market.

He called us. We spoke for about 15 mintues on the phone. And then after hearing our proposal, Fred decided to sell us his property and forego renting the property and making the major repairs that were needed.

When asked why he sold to us, Fred said “because it was fast and easy.”

Luckily, we can help with that.

Many homeowners want to sell their home in “as-is” condition and still get a fair price. In situations like this, The San Diego Home Buyer can help.
Whether the home needs minor repairs or major repairs, minor updates or major updates — we can make you a fair, all-cash offer.


We buy homes “as-is” so you don’t have to spend time and money cleaning up and making repairs or upgrades to the property.


Instead of going through the traditional sales process with open houses and showings, we can buy your house in days with no hassles. 


We can pay more for your house than others and you never pay for closing costs or repairs which means you will walk away with more.

Its a 5 minutes process to sign up. Free assessment. No obligation.

Call us today to get your FREE, no obligation cash offer!