As it turns out, more and more homeowners are selling their homes off-market in all-cash deals.

But why?

Recent surveys of homeowners selling their homes show people are much more open to selling their home off-market to a real estate investor these days because they don’t want to do open-houses?

They don’t want to show their house.

But Is this true?

That homeowners want to sell their house to real estate investors, for an all-cash offer, because they do not want to open their homes up to strangers to walk-through?

Maybe, and it makes perfect sense.

But the real question becomes – why don’t homeowners want to open their homes up to showings?

The answer?

Doing an open house is “too hard”. It’s too stressful.

You need to clean up your home. You might need to do some work or repairs. Maybe you need to put some sweat equity into the home to show it appropriately. 

So. Instead of doing all of that, it’s just easier to sell off-market to an all-cash investor like The San Diego Home Buyer.


First, you avoid all the headaches of managing contractors, scheduling, budgets, and all the rest that goes with fixing and repairing your house because The San Diego Home Buyer will buy your house in as-is condition.

Next, when you sell to The San Diego Home Buyer, you will pocket the same amount of money, if not more money, than if you managed the fixes and repairs yourself  because most homeowners do not have the capacity to efficiently manage these types of projects and schedule, and costs can escalate quickly.

For these reasons, many homeowners find it easier (and more profitable) to sell their home to a real estate investor like The San Diego Home Buyer.


There aren’t a lot of options out there to sell your home in as-is condition or fast and easy.

The San Diego Home Buyer is one of your options. 

But that’s not the reason why people choose to work with us

In this industry, there are a lot of bad actors and scammers. The San Diego Home Buyer is not one of them.

What separates The San Diego Home Buyer from the other guys is not what we do, but HOW we do it.

We lead with our heart. What that means for you is – we always put your interests first. Whether you work with us or not, we want to make sure you understand the process, how these offers work, and what to expect.

If our offer does not fit with your needs and wants, then we will not pressure you to accept our offer. 

And we certainly will not bait-and-switch you into wasting your time by offering you one price and coming back days later and renegotiating the price down.

That’s what the other guys do. And we’re not like that. We’re better than that. 

And that’s what makes us different – we don’t engage in those shady types of dealings.

Everything we do needs to be a win-win or else it won’t work.

If you’re not happy, we’re not happy. And we will not pressure you to move forward with our offer. 


We also do everything we can to make your transition as smooth and seamless as possible. 

This is why we offer you a $20,000 cash advance that you can use for anything you’d like.

In the past, people have used it as a down payment on their new home while others used it to take a long and well-deserved vacation before they move into the next chapter of their lives. 

The point is – you can use the $20,000 cash advance however you’d like. It’s your money. 

These are just some of the ways that differentiate us from others. 

The bottom line is – we care. 

We want to do right by you. 

Our mission is to serve you. 

To provide you an option. 

And to respect you and your decisions throughout each step of the process.

If you have a home to sell, and you want to close fast and have an enjoyable selling experience, give us a call at 619-332-3309 to see if you are a good fit for your goals.