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Putting on our more serious face, yes, you can sell your home to a real estate investor like The San Diego Home Buyer even if you still owe on your mortgage. 

It’s a good question to ask because it’s better to be safe than sorry, which could cost you time and money.

Regardless, people sell their homes when they still owe on the mortgage all the time. They bank the equity or roll it over into new real estate investments.

Before deciding to sell, though, go full nerd and study the San Diego real estate market to understand the landscape and what to expect.

Breaking news: The San Diego market is on fire. More at 11.

Shocking, we know! 

How we can help

The San Diego Home Buyer pays cash. It’s cold and hard and makes selling your home so much more enjoyable. You don’t pay any fees or commissions. NO closing costs. NO repairs or fixes. You don’t have to pay for anything.

The river of money flows like this: we send the cash upstream to your title company; the title company drives the money boat (outstanding debt) to the mortgage company; and we ship the rest downstream to you. Pretty simple. Cash is king baby!

Or in our best Joe Pesci “Goodfellas” impression, you know, the scene with the painting with two guys and the dog. We give one guy their money, you get yours and we’re like “whaddya want from me?”

Since we’re in San Diego, the chances of your home’s value decreasing are a low prospect, so you should make a profit. But, if for some crazy reason you’re underwater, you’d have to cover the difference.

That’s the simple answer for home sellers with a mortgage. 

Investor is a great option

One, We’ll love your home regardless of condition. Once we get the green light from you, we will make an initial offer and conduct a home inspection within 24 hours.

We hit the gas and take off from the starting line like NASCAR. Like them, we go fast, yet are calm, controlled and not letting pileups slow us down.

If there are any issues, our expert, in-house construction team will take care of it. They’re our pit crew, a critical part of any team and the one that makes our car run fast and smooth.

2) There’s much, much, much less risk because we buy cash.


Because we don’t have to deal with lenders like in a more traditional sale. 

We, and you, don’t have to worry a lender may change their mind about a buyer’s credit worthiness, thus crashing the deal even if the buyer is pre-approved.

We’ll also prove we got cash on hand before signing the purchase agreement. 

We’re dropping the hammer! (Obligatory “Days of Thunder” reference)

3) We put closing into high gear.

Once we agree on the conditions of the sale, we put the pedal to the metal.

The typical sale with the Realtor, the mortgage, the banks, can take 27 days, months or a deal piles up through no fault of your own. 


Those yellow lights do not guarantee a speedy, less stressful process. We can close in less than 5 days, if that’s your wish.

4) There is more flexibility in selling to an investor. You have so many more options, especially in the purchase agreement.


There are people skeptical of real estate investors. 

Funny thing, we’re a local, family-owned business. We care about, and love, our communities.

There is no better place to work, play and live than San Diego.

Our reputation is a priority and shady deals doesn’t help build that. It’s why we’re honest will our clients and have a sterling record of honest and fair deals.