In San Diego, cash is king for real estate, and The San Diego Home Buyer brings cash to the table to buy and close on your home in days, not weeks or months.

In short, we got you covered as one of the most trusted real estate companies in San Diego.

Cash, speed and efficiency are three of the biggest reasons a real estate investor is a better option than the typical process of a realtor.

You will experience a number of amazing results using a real estate investor, such as you will earn more profit, the process is near instant compared to traditional methods, saving money on repairs and no closing costs.

Use a Real Estate Investor

You may need to sell now for a number of reasons — starting a new job in a new city or state, or you’re downsizing and already found your new home — and time is of the essence. 

It takes time to find a realtor, especially one that acts in your best interests, followed by costs for repairs, listing, negotiating, closing and commissions. That’s assuming the new buyer has their ducks in a row if they’re using financing for the purchase.

With The San Diego Home Buyer, you will be spared the stress, theatrics and potential delays in closing as we work on your schedule and at your behest. We have the experience and ability to close within days so you can move on to your next great adventure.

The San Diego Home Buyer improves your home selling experience in just a few simple steps and will present you with a fair-market cash offer for your home, no matter its condition.

Additionally, you don’t even need to hire a realtor, which means more money in your pocket. The San Diego Home Buyer does not take commissions, so doing business with us is free. Two great bargains free of cost to you.

Cash Is King

Like the saying goes, “money talks and …”

A cash buyer moves the process along much faster and with fewer obstacles so you can sell your home when you want. Financing comes with dozens of steps and heaps of paperwork, all of which can derail the homebuying process.

We cut out the banks and lenders – which charge 2-5% in fees – so you can sell your property as fast and stress-free as possible.

In addition, you’ll save more money and pocket more profit with us because your home doesn’t run the risk of sitting on the market for days, weeks or months, saving you thousands of dollars.

Also, you’re not paying a real estate agent or broker a 6% commission fee, which puts more money in your pocket.

Worried about the condition of your home? 

Don’t be. 

Because we take any home in any condition and do all the dirty work, such as cleaning, repairs, renovations, and anything else that needs to be done. Again, this process saves you thousands of dollars adding more money to your net when you sell to The San Diego Home Buyer.

Any condition, no problem

In real estate, curb appeal is an industry term to describe how nice a home looks from the outside or the “curb”. Another industry term is “ugly houses,” which are those with potential deterrents slowing up your sale.

It’s why sellers (you) and realtors work fast and furious to address any visible signs of aging siding, unkept lawns, roofing issues and others to ensure the house looks the part and can be sold at the highest price point.

We don’t care what the house looks like or what repairs are needed. We’ll buy a house in any condition, or as-is, with no strings attached. It’s a great safety net for you.

Need repairs? Maintenance? Deep cleaning?

We’ve got you covered. 

Get a fair cash offer without the stress of having to pour in thousands of dollars for repairs. We got you covered.

Simple Steps

If you want an all cash offer on your property right now, give us a call at 619-332-3309.

If you’d like to set a time that works with your schedule, schedule a time on our calendar here.