Well, it’s pretty simple. Our team at the San Diego Home Buyer breaks out their cartoon-sized magnifying glasses, conducts an above-board investigation, and done.

Super easy. Thanks for doing business with us!

Putting our serious face on, we tour your property for cracks in the foundation and walls, while also checking the roof’s condition, curb appeal, appliances and the like. OK, sure, the magnifying glass bit is fake, but the rest is true.

Also, throw in analyzing current market data and we’re nearly there.

There is a difference between the value of your home and the assessed value. The first is what a buyer is willing to pay; the second is what a government drone says the home is worth.

As we all know, Californians are moving out of the state or buying second homes in other states in droves. There are countless stories of a buyer dropping $100,000 over the asking price sight unseen.

That’s crazy! But it’s the new norm. Heck, it happens inside our borders on the regular.

So where does the San Diego Home Buyer come in? 

Jack and Diane

Here’s a story of a couple who wants to the sell their home. The San Diego real estate market is white hot and Jack and Diane want to cash in.

Jack and Diane came from the American heartland, and oh yeah, after years of ownership want to cash out while the gettin’ is good. The couple heard about our family-run business and have decided to do business.

What we do is take all the details from you on your home. You can call us (619-332-3309) or fill out our handy online form.

After we get those details, we make an initial offer based on what you’ve told us. However, we will perform an inspection within 24 hours of you contacting us and we’ll get a full scope of the property.

Like many, Jack and Diane also look at a home’s price per square foot, but that is only a good avenue for basing a home’s value on size. There are many other factors, as described above, so don’t fret over price per square foot.

Market Data

As you’ll notice in our fabulous Real Report, we keep a close eye on what’s moving in the San Diego real estate market.

Like any proper nerd, we review current existing home sales, completed transactions, homes on the market, duration of closing, mortgage rates and sale prices. We plow through the data, while incorporating our assessment of the walkthrough and boom, we get a value.

For Jack and Diane, the comps, or competitive market analysis (more on that below) in the area are a better gauge because comps don’t focus squarely on price per square foot. In fact, a comp gives you the best read on the value.

As Jack and Diane are figuring out, value is also what someone is willing to pay for it. Take us, we make firm, fair-market cash offers to our clients.

We, too, also use a data-driven approach to home valuations and present equitable terms for every client.

Other tools

We also use performance enhancing calculators to determine your home’s value. We’re not full-on Barry Bonds, but it’s a nice (and legal!) way to pinpoint what your real estate is worth.

It’s called the Federal Housing Financing Agency’s (FHFA) House Price Index calculator.

We also dose with a comparative market analysis, which compares your home to recent sales of properties near you. The CMA looks at square footage, number of bedrooms and bathrooms, recent updates, amenities, the year it was built and possible HOA fees to estimate a value.

In short, this is called a “comp,” as you already know since you read the part above.

The comps take into account the location, size, bedroom and bathroom counts, condition, amenities and lot size.

For Jack and Diane, they are selling their modest 1,400-square foot home that has 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, is in good condition with upgrading molding, countertops, flooring and windows. It should fetch them about $700,000 in San Diego, although it could be more depending on the city, like Carlsbad.

A professional appraisal is also a part of the process. An appraiser will use with a cost or comparison approach.

The cost approach looks at, well, the cost to replace or reproduce improvements to the home, which reverses the property’s deterioration. The appraiser then applies the information and adds it to the value of the property.

The comparison approach is like the CMA. I probably didn’t need to spell that out for you.


The San Diego Home Buyer, though, has all these tools and resources in place. It’s one reason we’re fast like the wind, and efficient as a well-programmed robot, although we do have personalities and Skynet has not come alive … yet.

And because we have all these processes, and the experience, it’s why Jack and Diane trust us to shoot them straight and make them a great and fair-market cash offer.

We can get the appraisal done within 24 hours of you contacting us, like we did with Jack and Diane. From there, if any repairs are needed, our in-house construction team will take care of it.

The best part? We close, with straight cash, on your timeline. Need a super-fast closing within 5 days? Done.