Closing on real estate with The San Diego Home Buyer is faster than a speeding bullet, well, relatively speaking when comparing yourself to Superman.

San Diego real estate moves fast, but we move even faster. We close so fast I can’t even think of any dad jokes to go with it!

We have a track record of closing within 3 to 5 business days once you accept our fair-market cash offer on your home. In the real estate industry, we’re the Usain Bolt of closing, which is why we’re our region’s most trusted real estate investor.

Our process is fast and gets you your money and your profit quickly. It’ll go by so fast you’ll think you just watched Usain Bolt run a new world record in the 100-meter dash! 

Our process

The idea for this piece came to me in the shower. You know, the shower is a great place to think about real estate blogs!

Regardless, it’s a great way to get creative and give you relevant, evergreen content. I thought that since we have an amazing record of closing fast, why not spread the word.

After all, knowledge is power, so let’s share the power with you.

First, we work for you, not against you. We are your champions and want to get the process quickly so you can get your cash … like now.

The process is simple. 

Just fill out our form or give us a ring at (619) 332-3309. 

Tell or send us the property details of your house and we’ll get you a verbal offer within 24 hours! See? 


We’ll schedule an inspection at your convenience (usually within 24 hours), taking that off your already full plate, and get a final and firm all-cash fair-marker offer. 

You’ll have that offer in about 24 hours. Amazingly fast!

Come closing time, we can get you all set in 3 or 4 or 5 days or whatever timeline works best for you. This means you get cash in hand, sometimes the same day as closing. Eat your heart out, Mr. Bolt.

Racing to the finish line

A traditional closing process involves a number of moving parts. Typically, you’d hire a Realtor to facilitate the action and you’d have to prepare and budget for closing costs.

I did this with my home, although I was a buyer. But as I look at selling, The San Diego Home Buyer just makes more sense. While I’m not greedy, I do want to maximize my investment and get a fair and fast sale.

Through working with SDHB, I realized selling isn’t as hard as it seems. After all, there are thousands of private sales every year. 

If they can do it, so can you (and I).

You can save serious cash that goes back into your pocket by not hiring a Realtor, although if that makes you uncomfortable, then hire a real estate agent.

And while you’re taking on this responsibility solo, you will avoid massive headaches about selling to a buyer who is financing. You can cut out other fees, like appraisals and inspections, which saves you cash.

And once you decide to pull the trigger, you’ll be done in days, not weeks, months or even worrying about the deal falling through. Whew, what a relief.

The slow line

When thinking about selling my home, I thought about when I bought it. I recalled the ups and downs, the stress, anxiety and, at times, hopelessness that the deal would fall through.

Even though I had my Realtor, was reviewing my credit, selecting my lender and everything else ready to go, I felt on edge.

At times, I felt like my feet were stuck in cement and quite the opposite of Usain Bolt. It was as if suddenly I was morphing into a sloth. Cute (or so mom says), but ultimately slow.

The process took months from hiring a Realtor to reviewing all the homes up for sale. Then it was a matter of budgeting as to what I could afford, which I’m not complaining about. It’s a smart move for any home buyer or seller, for that matter.

There was negotiating, getting into escrow, earnest money, securing a good mortgage interest rate and then the paperwork. My goodness, the paperwork! It was like we went to war with Office Depot.

However, as I have, hopefully, matured over the years, selling my property to a real estate investor is a much more inviting option. Not only thinking about it in the shower but putting in the time to research the differences of an investor versus a Realtor left me with a realization of going with a real estate investor is a smart move.

You can cut out at least 70% of the anxiety and stress and basically get your money instantly. That’s what we will do for you. Our expertise and network of industry experts is vast so we can close on your terms; not ours or a bank.

Streamlining the process allows you to get on with our lives and enjoy the next adventure. And with a little extra pocket cash, too! It’s a win-win.